Advantages of Servicing at an approved Honda dealership

Servicing your Honda at an approved dealership offers a variety of advantages

With consumers tightening their belts wherever they can, many are starting to question the benefits of servicing their vehicle at an OEM dealer. In the end the major benefit of using OEM parts and workshop facilities boils down to the fact that you get what you pay for.

OEM parts such as those supplied and sold by Honda dealerships have been tested and approved for use in your specific vehicle. Fitment of original parts ensures that the vehicle will continue to perform as it was designed when it left the factory.

Having your vehicle serviced at a Honda dealership ensures peace of mind knowing that the work will be done properly, in line with manufacturers specifications. For example, high tech diagnostics equipment allows technicians to identify any potential problems before they surface.

The technicians working at an OEM dealership know your car best and have access to the correct equipment needed to correctly maintain and service your vehicle. Motorists can be assured of safety and peace of mind with any work performed. Technicians working in the workshops of Honda dealerships are specialists on this brand and know your vehicle inside and out. They also receive regular training on the latest models and technology ensuring that they remain up to date on what specific vehicles require in order to perform optimally.

Honda dealerships will only use original Honda parts. These are the same parts that your vehicle was fitted with when it was built, designed specifically to fit your vehicle. You are less likely to have any issues with these parts and if you do, they are covered by their own warranty. OEM replacement and service parts are subjected to stringent testing processes before being released to the market to ensure that they meet high quality and safety performance standards under a variety of environments.

In the unlikely event of any issues appearing after work is performed at a franchise dealer, you can rest assured that you are dealing with an established business with strong financial backing. Dealerships and OEMs could suffer far more reputational risk therefore they are likely to do everything reasonably possible to assist customers.

Occasionally manufacturers discover problems unique to specific vehicle makes, models or model years and issue a special warranty or repair for that problem. OEM dealerships will have all the information about these programs and will perform the work for free, when you book your car in for routine maintenance. If it is a safety critical item they might even contact you to bring the vehicle in at your earliest convenience.

A well-developed scheduling system and good stockholding of parts means that in most cases OEM dealers will be able to complete service and maintenance work in one working day, meaning less downtime without your vehicle. During this down time dealerships will also provide a shuttle service within a certain radius, dropping you at home or work and then collecting you again once the work is complete, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

The majority of new Honda vehicles are sold with a service plan, meaning that for that prescribed period parts and labour will be available free of charge. 

In summary, the best way to ensure that your Honda continues to perform as it did when it rolled off the showroom floor and by doing so ensure that it gives you many years of hassle-free service is to have it correctly maintained by the experts located in the Honda dealership environment.