Cars or motorcycles - Which is the best commuter?

The advantages and disadvantages of commuting by car and by motorcycle

The debate between which is better two wheels or four has been going since the turn of the century. While each offer clear advantages and disadvantages, riding a motorcycle is a great way of saving on commuting costs.

While motorcycles can be intimidating, a motorcycle doesn't have to mean an aerodynamic superbike or a heavy adventure bike, there are a myriad of smaller capacity, lightweight examples that are easy to ride and any motorcycle with a capacity of more than 125cc is allowed on our highways and will be able to keep up with traffic.

Cut down your commuting time
Motorcycles are extensively more time efficient in traffic, as motorcyclists are able to split lanes on motorways and avoid queues at intersections and traffic lights by filtering to the front.

Contribute to road safety
Motorcycles contribute to safer roads. Motorcyclists are generally focussed on the task at hand, not distracted by the radio or their cell phone, which makes them much safer road users.

They take up less space
Because motorcycles are significantly smaller than cars they are easier to park, as many as six motorcycles can fit into a conventional parking bay. This has benefits for those that have limited space at home or live in the city centre but also means that you can almost always park close to the entrance of the store or your office.

Motorcycles cost less
Motorcycles use considerably less fuel, up to three times less than the average car and along with reduced maintenance costs that makes them much cheaper to run. Motorcycles are also kinder to the environment. Production requires fewer resources, they burn less fuel and emit less emissions. Motorcycles are also less damaging to the road infrastructure.

Motorcycles cost less with new models available from as little as R29 000, they are a great way for commuters to become independent with their own set of wheels. In general motorcycles also retain their value better, making them a better investment than a car

Experience the elements
Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating and liberating and allows you to experience the fresh air and outdoors and will ensure that you arrive at your destination in a good mood.

Motorcycles are better performers
In terms of performance, motorcycles perform much better than cars. Their acceleration and manoeuvrability help beat traffic and maintain a good average speed.

Two-wheels are not always the best choice
While the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks of riding a motorcycle they need to be kept in mind. On a motorcycle you are exposed to the elements, so when it rains you will get wet. Motorcycles are limited to two passengers and their load carrying ability is significantly less than that of a car. Just as motorcyclists are exposed to the elements they are exposed to other road users and this does make them more dangerous when you are involved in an accident. 

Riding a motorcycle is a much more physical experience and that coupled with being exposed to the elements means riding a motorcycle long distances can be hard work.

A case for cars
Riding a motorcycle does offer a number of benefits there are good reasons why cars or so popular. While cars are undoubtedly more expensive they also offer a number of undeniable benefits. Cars can carry more people and more goods. Cars are also safer and are getting safer every year with manufacturers making great advancements in technology to prevent accidents and keep occupants safe in the event of an accident.

Cars are more comfortable, occupants are transported in comfortable seats and a climate controlled environment. This comfort also makes cars more suited for travelling long distances.

The perfect garage
While both forms of transport offer a variety of advantages and disadvantages the perfect garage should most probably contain one of each. This allows users to take advantage of the benefits of two wheels or four depending on their situation that day.