Honda Jazz vs. Fit, what is the difference?

What is the difference between a Honda Jazz and a Honda Fit?

Honda recently launched a new hatchback badged the Fit, as a replacement for the ubiquitous Jazz, but what is the difference?

The Honda Jazz was first launched in South Africa in the early 2000s and the combination of reliability, practicality and fuel consumption quickly saw it become a favourite amongst youngsters looking for a practical yet reliable vehicle as well as the older generation looking for a vehicle that is easy to drive and also reliable. 

Through numerous generations the Jazz played to the same tune and last year it was replaced by a new model badged the Fit.

The original Jazz had always been badged as the Fit in a variety of markets including the Japanese Domestic market and so a decision was taken to align all markets, with Hondas compact hatchback being sold as the Fit in all markets going forward. So essentially it is the same car, just with a name that is new to the local market.

A new name for an all-new vehicle

The all-new generation of the Honda Jazz was officially introduced into the South African market as the Fit, in recognition of the vast and distinct improvements made over the previous model.

The Japanese built Honda Fit represents a new generation of cars for Honda in South Africa as they look to reassert the brand’s position as one that is synonymous with quality, durability and technology.

The rebranding strategy from Jazz to Fit aims to transform the image of the model from one that always appealed to customers rational side due to its space and practicality, to one that appeals more to customers emotional side thanks to good design, exceptional drive and cutting edge technology.

Honda South Africa’s rebranding strategy also aims to target a new, more diverse group of customers with an attractive and unique product offering. Despite a new badge on the tailgate the all-new Fit still represents everything that Honda’s extremely loyal customers who are very familiar with the brand have come to love and expect.

Seamless contemporary design

During the design process, Honda engineers completely reimagined the model from the ground up and in the process conceived a compelling new proposition in the compact segment that combines exceptional efficiency with outstanding everyday usability.

The design evolution introduces simplicity to the timeless shape of the outgoing Jazz. Smooth contours follow the short nose, long roofline and cabin forward style of previous generations and result in the instantly recognisable monoform silhouette

Comfortable interior

The interior too has been completely redesigned and now presents as a clean, minimalist space as utility, practicality and functionality are combined into an uncluttered ergonomic cabin. Durable, soft touch materials are used throughout. The dashboard is uncluttered and home to either a seven or nine-inch touchscreen depending on the model.

Luggage space ranges from 309 litres to 1210 litres and the Fit retains the exceptionally versatile rear Magic Seat configuration that offers both fold-flat or flip-up seat flexibility that allows for optimum versatility to accommodate various shapes and sizes of cargo.

Powerful hybrid technology

With the introduction of the Fit, Honda aims to re-enter the local hybrid market. Carrying Honda’s e:HEV badge the all-new flagship Fit Hybrid has been engineered to deliver a combination of performance and efficiency. It consists of two compact yet powerful electric motors connected to a 1.5-litre DOHC i-VTEC petrol engine, a lithium-ion battery and an innovative fixed-gear transmission. The result is a combined output of 80kW and 253Nm which allows for a 0-100km/h sprint time of 9.4 seconds while using just 3,7 litres/100km.

Traditionally powered Fit models are equipped with Honda’s new 1.5-litre DOHC i-VTEC petrol engine that generates 89kW at 6600rpm and 145Nm at 4300rpm. While being more powerful than the engine fitted to the outgoing Jazz, it is more efficient using just 5,5 litres/100km.

Model line-up

The all-new Fit range was launched with four derivatives, the Comfort, Elegance and Executive models available exclusively in 1.5L Petrol CVT, as well as the flagship Hybrid model available with Honda’s 1.5L i-MMD e-CVT hybrid system.