Honda N-Van e: ready to hit the road

Honda N-Van e: retains practicality while adopting electric drivetrain

Honda will begin sales of a new commercial-use mini-EV, the N-Van e: in October this year. The N-Van e: is a commercial-use mini-EV model that was developed by adding user-friendly features unique to EVs to the petrol-powered N-Van, which has to date been popular as a versatile vehicle that accommodates a broad range of customer needs for both commercial and recreational uses. The N-Van e: retains many of the features that have made this model popular including a large cargo space realised by a flat, low floor and high ceiling along with a large opening on the passenger side made possible by eliminating the centre pillar. The N-Van e: features added value unique to EVs, such as a power output function and a quiet cabin.

The N-Van e: offers a sufficient practical range and a large cargo space required for commercial applications through the adoption of a large capacity battery and downsizing of the eAxle, while also minimising the space occupied by components through a centralised layout of high-voltage components. In addition the N-Van e: is capable of realising a range of 245km on a single charge in WLTC mode, which is sufficient for a delivery service, which is one of the main intended use cases for this model. Furthermore, customer convenience is ensured with respectable charging times.

Four models on offer

Four models of the N-Van e: are available to meet a wide range of customer needs for both commercial and personal uses.


The e:L4 is a standard four-seater type that can be utilised for a wide variety of commercial and personal purposes. Even though the battery is mounted under the floor, a cargo space as large as that of the petrol-powered counterpart was realised. Standout features include a seven-inch LCD display capable of displaying a variety of information.


The e:Fun is differentiated by styling that will make it attractive to customers who are interested in a wide range of hobbies and leisure activities. The interior features a light, natural beige colour and two-tone exterior colour variations are also available. Additional features include LED headlights and fast charging capabilities as standard equipment.


The e:G was developed in pursuit of functionality and is exclusively aimed at commercial uses. This model features only one seat for the driver. The passenger side of the dashboard has been reshaped to offer additional space for the loading of longer items. The e:G is 95mm longer and features a 120mm lower floor height which enhances user friendliness for commercial uses.


The e:L2 type features a front/rear tandem configuration of seats on the driver side. The vacant space without seats and the large opening without a pillar on the passenger side highlight the value inherited from the N-Van, making it easier for users to get in and out of the vehicle while loading and unloading.

Jam packed with safety

Despite its compact size and large loading space all models feature advanced safety and driver assistance features as standard. The N-Van e: is also fitted with side curtain airbags for both the driver and front passenger.

Local availability

The Honda N-Van range is yet to be confirmed for South African introduction.