Honda previews first e-clutch for motorcycles

Explore the future of motorcycle innovation with Honda's ground breaking E-Clutch system

Honda has developed the world’s first E-Clutch system for motorcycles which enables smooth starting and gear shifting without the rider having to operate the clutch lever. This is done by automatically controlling the clutch of the manual motorcycle transmission with the driver left to just change gears via the gear shift lever.

The Honda CB650R and CBR650R are the first Honda motorcycles to be offered with the innovative Honda E-Clutch technology, the first fully automatic clutch for a multi-geared motorcycle, that is designed to make motorcycling, from beginner through to expert, more enjoyable and exciting.

The rider simply has to operate the shift pedal for ultra-fast, consistent gear changes, in the same way they would a quick shifter. During the process the system utilises a harmonized combination of ‘half-clutch’ operation, fuel injection cut and ignition control to ensure an ultra-smooth ride. 

The Honda E-Clutch relies on electronic control technology that realizes natural and smooth riding through instantaneous, fine-tuned clutch control without the rider needing to operate the clutch lever facilitating optimum performance when pulling away, stopping or changing gears.

The Honda E-Clutch electronically controls the power transmission mechanism in a similar fashion to that of a conventional manual single clutch or manual transmission mechanism, combining engine coordinated control and clutch coordinated control according to vehicle conditions such as engine speed, throttle position, gear position and shift pedal load in order to respond to rider inputs.

In addition, manual clutch operation via the clutch lever and via the motorized clutch control are independent, enabling the rider to intervene manually. The system can also be turned on or off. When the system is on, clutch operation is controlled automatically. The rider can temporarily switch to manual clutch operation by using the clutch lever. When the system is turned off the rider must operate the clutch with the clutch lever when starting, shifting gears and stopping as they would on a conventional motorcycle.

As the Honda E-Clutch is a lightweight and compact system, it can be installed without major changes to existing engine layouts and Honda plans to add the Honda E-Clutch to its FUN models in a systematic roll out.

Honda are always innovating as they continue to develop new technologies that improve the quality of the rider experience and result in motorcycles that meet the needs and demands of a wide range of riders of various skill levels.

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