Honda’s continued investment in research and development for future mobility technologies. video-banner

Honda’s continued investment in research and development for future mobility technologies.

Honda’s research and development focusses on improving their vehicles in all areas

The recently unveiled e:Ny1 follows Honda’s human-centred development philosophy, the primary goal of which was to deliver Honda’s renowned fun-to-drive dynamics, a smooth and refined ride and the brand’s celebrated easy-to-use versatility. However, Honda are always innovating and developing new technologies that make driving easier and safer and many of these features are currently being refined for the fitment to the next generation of Honda vehicles that make up their model range.

Updated versions of Sensing 360 and Sensing Elite

In the interest of always making their cars safer Honda recently unveiled updated versions of their Sensing 360 and Sensing Elite safety systems.

For the next generation technologies of Honda Sensing Elite, Honda has developed new technologies to assist the driver in achieving a safe and seamless ride from home to their destination with complete peace of mind on any road thanks to the utilisation of recognition and understanding technologies achieved by Honda’s original AI technologies.

Honda launched Honda Sensing Elite in 2021 with a Traffic Jam Pilot function and by leveraging the know-how amassed through the research and development of Honda Sensing Elite technology, Honda developed the Honda Sensing 360 omnidirectional safety and driver-assistance system, which removes blind spots and contributes to collision avoidance and the reduction of driver burden. In future Honda also plans to equip all its vehicles with a motorcycle detection function.

Honda also plans to add the following new technologies to their Sensing 360 suite to assist drivers in avoiding collisions.

Advanced in lane driving with hands off function

This system reduces the driver burden by operating the accelerator, brake pedal and steering wheel to assist the driver in maintaining proper vehicle speed and staying in their lane even when the driver takes their hands off the steering wheel. The system is able to work on a clear road when travelling straight or even when turning. When there is a car in front, the system assists the driver to follow that vehicle while maintaining a proper following distance.

Advanced Lane change with hands-off function

While driving using the Advanced Lane Change with Hands-off function, the system assesses the situation and assists with the lane change or passing of the other vehicle under certain conditions. When the system detects a car in front being driven at low speed, the system notifies the driver and then assists in passing and returning to the original lane.

Driver emergency support system

When the driver is unresponsive to the systems request for the handover, the system escalates alarm sounds and urges the driver to respond. If the driver remains unresponsive, the system will assist deceleration and stopping of the vehicle within the same lane while alerting other vehicles around using hazard lights and the horn in order to keep the driver, occupants and other road users away from the risk of a traffic collision.

Exit warning

While the vehicle is parked, when the system detects a vehicle approaching from the rear, the indicator on the front pillar or side mirror lights up to assist occupants in recognising an approaching vehicle. When the system detects the risk of a collision between the vehicle door being opened to get out of the car and other vehicles passing by, an indicator flashes and an audible alarm sounds to alert the occupants.

Driver attention warning and collision warning

The system detects the driver’s condition and if there is a risk of a collision with a pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle due to diminishing driver attention, such as daydreaming and careless driving, the system reduces the vehicle speed, alerts the driver and assists with steering to keep the vehicle inside the lane.

Next generation Honda Sensing Elite

Honda will accelerate the advancement of Honda Sensing Elite, the flagship variation of Honda Sensing featuring advanced safety technologies. The application of Honda’s original AI which grows while accumulating experiences much like humans, enables the system to increase its capability to recognise complex solutions and handle more complex driving situations. In this way Honda is striving to develop technologies that will assist the driver to achieve a safe and seamless driving experience with complete peace of mind.

Honda aims to realise driver assistance on non-highway roads by utilising highly sophisticated recognition and control technologies that can handle a complex traffic environment. Honda aims to introduce technologies to prevent collisions based on risk prediction, as well as an adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist system for non-highway roads in order to reduce driver burden and the hands-off function while driving in a traffic jam on arterial roads.

Automatic parking assist

Honda Sensing Elite now offers a function to automatically park in and drive out of the garage of a single-family home or a pre-assigned parking spot in a residential garage complex. In the future, Honda will strive to realise an automated valet parking function which will enable customers to hail or get off their vehicle anywhere they go, in addition to their home.

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Honda continues to invest in technologies that make vehicles safer and easier to drive

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