Honda’s Japan mobility show highlights

Key highlights from Honda’s Japan's Mobility Show stand

Honda used the opportunity of the Japan Mobility show to unveil a wide variety of motorcycles, automobiles, power products, aircraft and other products including a variety of technologies and concept models.

All products, services and technologies on display epitomised Honda’s brand slogan of “The Power of Dreams – How we move you.”

Sustaina-C Concept and Pocket Concept

The Sustaina-C Concept and Pocket Concept vehicle and motorcycle concepts were designed to enable people to transcend the constraints of limited resources. The concept models are constructed from acrylic resin that is recycled and reused and is being developed to demonstrate the concept of transcending the constraints of the limited availability of resources through resource circulation while being able to achieve the goals of environmental sustainability and the joy and freedom of mobility long into the future.

AC e: Concept

This motorcycle concept is designed to enable riders to transcend the constraints of time by easily swapping batteries and eliminating the waiting time that comes with battery charging. Powered by two units of the Honda Mobile Power Pack e:swappable batteries, the scooter offers a smooth and powerful ride that is unique to that of an electric motorcycle and makes daily mobility more comfortable.

Honda Specialty Sports Concept

This concept model of an electric sports car is said to enable the driver to experience the pure joy of driving even in the era of electrification for carbon neutrality and the popularisation of automated driving technology.

Honda Jet

Honda also showcased the full-size interior mock-up of the Honda eVTOL, an electrical vertical take-off and landing aircraft, and the gas turbine hybrid system currently under development to power the Honda eVTOL.

Honda Mobile Power Pack e:

By storing and carrying clean renewable energy in the Honda Mobile Power Pack e: and utilising the energy in various places and applications, people will no longer be limited by the constraints of limited resources and can achieve both environmental sustainability and freedom of mobility in their daily lives. In addition Honda showcased various products that are powered by Honda Mobile Power Pack e:.

Honda CI-MEV

For the first time Honda showcased the CI-MEV, a two-seat, four-wheel drive electric vehicle which features Honda’s original Cooperative Intelligence and automated driving technologies and offers easily accessible last-mile mobility for users. This vehicle aims to expand the living radius of people who are in situations such as areas with no public transportation or when they have difficulty walking long distances.

Honda Autonomous work vehicle

The Honda Autonomous work vehicle is a platform style autonomous vehicle that can be utilised for a wide range of applications using various attachments. The Honda AWV is being developed to augment people’s abilities and possibilities by transporting large loads and performing a variety of tasks on behalf of human users in environments where people have difficulty performing such tasks.


The Honda UNI-ONE is a hands free seated personal mobility device that utilises the balance control technology developed through Honda’s robotics research and the Honda Omni Traction Drive System, Honda’s original wheel mechanism that moves naturally in all directions. The UNI-ONE is a mobility device that the user can steer by simply shifting their body weight while sitting. The UNI-ONE will expand opportunities for users with mobility challenges.