Honda unveils Cub e:

Honda showcases three electric bicycles based on iconic designs

The Honda Cub and its various derivatives own the title of best-selling vehicle of all time and have been in non-stop production since 1958. During that period over 100 million Honda Super Cubs and Cub variants have been sold.

Earlier this year Honda announced three electric bicycle models aimed at young Generation Z consumers in China based on classic motorcycle designs including the Honda Cub e:, the Dax e: and the Zoomer e:.

In China electric vehicles are classified into three categories including electric bicycles with a maximum speed of 25km/h or less, electric mopeds with a maximum speed between 26 and 50km/h and electric vehicles with a maximum speed in excess of 51km/h and these new models all fall into the electric bicycle category.

For Chinese Gen Z consumers, electric bicycles have become a favoured means of transportation and an important vehicle for expressing themselves, which has created a demand for more attractive and value-added models in this electric bicycle segment. The three-new models are based on the Honda Super Cub, Dax and Zoomer. By basing these new models on well-known models and adding advanced technology Honda aims to offer value and choice to young Chinese consumers. These models also signify the commencement of Honda’s plans to introduce more than 10 electric motorcycles globally by 2025.

The Cub e: clearly draws inspiration from the Classic Super Cub while featuring a thoroughly modern design. The Dax: e has been designed to incorporate more off-road styling and retains its iconic T-shaped frame.

The Zoomer e: is based on the popular Zoomer that has always enjoyed massive popularity with the customisation community. The pipe frame has been carried over and it seems that Honda are positioning it to continue to welcome third-party aftermarket accessories.

Honda aims to continue to provide customers with joy and freedom of mobility as they move into the electric motorcycle era by offering well designed products that also utilise innovative technology.

All three models are fitted with Bosch motors which have developed a reputation amongst e bicycle manufacturers and riders for being the best on the market. The Cub e: is equipped with a ternary lithium battery that can be charged and recharged 200 times and offers a cruising range of 65 kilometres while the Dax e: can go 80 kilometres and the Zoomer e: 90 kilometres on a single charge. Stopping power is courtesy of disc brakes.

While these models were initially designed for the Chinese market only, their popularity could see them be sold in other markets around the world too.

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