Leading vehicle manufacturer Honda unveils the e:Ny1

Honda unveils second all-electric model

Honda recently unveiled its second fully electric model, the e:Ny1. This innovative new model follows on from the widely acclaimed Honda e city car and is designed to meet the growing customer demand for all-electric B-segment SUVs.

The e:Ny1 is an all-electric compact SUV that offers trademark Honda dynamics, responsive driving and premium levels of ride comfort.

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Ushering in a new electric identity

Offering a fresh, distinctive design and the latest advanced technology, the e:Ny1 was designed with Honda’s human-centred development philosophy in mind and therefore makes the most of the models fully electric powertrain to deliver an SUV with fun to drive dynamics, a smooth and refined ride and intuitive versatility.

A bold exterior aesthetic is cultivated by short front overhangs, large wheels and a wide track. The e:Ny1 also debuts an all-new electric identity for Honda, with white ’H’ badges adorning the vehicle while a new typeface spells out Honda on the tailgate and adds a premium look.

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Well packaged interior

Clever packaging of the drivetrain components ensures that the e:Ny1 offers remarkable interior space and driver comfort. The interior includes an all-new centre console that features a simple layout of easily accessible buttons, multiple storage options and wireless charging. An uncluttered dashboard houses only three traditional buttons and is topped by a large 15.1-inch touchscreen that provides access to a comprehensive suite of infotainment and driving options. Ahead of the driver is a digital gauge cluster.

Built to drive

The e:Ny1 is built on a new front wheel drive platform that offers high rigidity, a low centre of gravity and carefully managed underfloor aerodynamics.

A three in one integrated power drive unit, electric motor and gearbox offers 150 kW and 310Nm while being engineered to provide smooth and comfortable acceleration and deceleration. A high capacity under floor lithium-ion battery delivers up to 412km of range and the ability to accept DC fast charging that will allow it to rcharge from 10-80% in just 45 minutes.

The all-new chassis offers improved torsional rigidity, which along with the new platform combines to offer dynamic performance, exceptional comfort and refinement. 

The e:Ny1 is the logical next step in Honda’s electrification journey and the development philosophy blends intelligent, customer-centric technology with beautiful design and fun to drive dynamics while exemplifying Honda’s commitment to electrification.

The Honda e:Ny1’s local introduction is yet to be confirmed.

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