The Honda Africa Twin: An Award-Winning Off-Roading Motorcycle

Discover the Honda Africa Twin - an acclaimed adventure bike renowned for its exceptional off-road performance. Unleash your inner explorer today

It has been over three decades since the first Honda XRV650 Africa Twin made its appearance and while the motorcycle that now bears its name, launched in 2016 as the CRF1000L Africa Twin, was a brand-new machine from the wheels up, it fully inherited the essence and spirit of what made the original so popular.

For both the original and its modern-day successor it is the balance between power and weight that remains at the heart of its appeal. With its unique, athletic appearance, an enjoyable, usable engine and capable, comfortable chassis, the CRF1000L Africa Twin has proven to be a modern-day all-rounder that has made it extremely popular with round the world adventurers, around town commuters and weekend tourers alike.

In 2018 the Africa Twin, in both manual transmission and Dual Clutch Transmission form, received throttle by wire control plus three riding modes, expanded Honda Selectable Torque Control options, as well as intake and exhaust development for improved engine response and sound. The platform was also expanded, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports with the same updates but featuring improved wind protection, greater tank range and longer travel suspension, extended the Africa Twin even further into long-range off-road territory.

While the touring comfort, technology and ability of the new CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports was further enhanced in 2020, the CRF1100L Africa Twin itself was comprehensively redrawn with an aggressive, compact rally style and even sharper off-road focus. It was given more power and torque and is significantly lighter, in keeping with the original principals that made the Africa Twin the legend that it is.

The most recent CRF1100L Africa Twin, boasts a sharply renewed focus on off-road core ability that encompasses the look and feel of a true rally machine. Smaller, slimmer and lighter, it offers enhanced performance thanks to changes to the engine that resulted in seven percent more power and six percent more torque.

The strength and rigidity balance of the steel semi-double cradle frame was optimised and is partnered with a bolt on aluminium subframe and swingarm, based on that of Hondas CRF450R motocross machine. Coupled to the frame is a 45mm Showa cartridge type inverted fork with 230mm stroke length that offers long travel bump absorption while rebound and compression damping are fully adjustable. A Showa rear shock delivers 220mm axle travel and features a 46mm cylinder and remote reservoir for stable damping control under extreme off-road riding conditions.

A Bosch MM7.10 six-axis inertial measurement unit measures roll angle/rate, pitch angle/rate and yaw angle/rate in real time and manages rear wheel traction via throttle by wire and HSTC, front braking grip through cornering ABS, front wheel lift through wheelie control and rear lift control and elevates handling performance across all conditions. An off-road setting joins the Urban, Tour and Gravel riding modes.

When stationary the rear ABS can be cancelled for off-road riding. Compact two-piece radial mount four-piston callipers work dual 310mm wave discs. A 21/18-inch spoked wheel combination can accommodate a variety of tyres depending on the foreseen riding terrain.

The Africa Twin’s rally style bodywork is aggressive and compact in order to work better off-road. Making the Africa Twin easier to control by the rider is a slimmer seat and higher handlebars. A full colour 6.5-inch multi-information display allows for immersive engagement and Apple CarPlay functionality.

The parallel engine has a displacement of 1 084cc and boasts 75kW at 7 500rpm and 105Nm at 6 250rpm. The unique DCT system delivers consistent, super-fast seamless gear changes and very quickly becomes second nature in use. The DCT is also fully equipped to operate in an adventure environment, with off-road functionality enhanced by the G switch which improves the feel for available traction and machine control by reducing the amount of clutch slip during gear changes.

Accessories for adventure

A range of accessories are available to facilitate a wide variety of adventure riding including an aluminium top box, large plastic top box and panniers, two seat heights, touring screen, radiator guards, engine guards and side pipes, knuckle guard extensions, heated grips and ACC charging socket.


While thoroughly modern and incorporating the latest in technology the Honda Africa Twin has managed to retain its core identity and is ready to facilitate any two wheeled adventure you can dream of.

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