The Honda S2000 - A beloved roadster with exceptional performance

Experience the thrill of open-top driving with the Honda S2000 roadster. Its sleek design and powerful engine will leave you breathless.

When the Honda S2000 was launched early in the 2000s this new generation open sports car redefined driving pleasure.

At the time and even still today, the S2000 epitomised Honda’s racing heritage, with the DNA of a thoroughbred racer and a lineage depicting the independent Japanese company’s engineering milestones.

A distinctive blend of purist sports car layout with rear wheel drive, front engine, two-seater layout. The S2000 is based on a sturdy chassis frame and fitted with a 2.0 litre motorsport inspired VTEC engine that is mated to a six-speed manual transmission that features one of the best gear lever throws of all time. 

The F20C naturally aspirated four-cylinder was remarkable for its time. The aluminium-alloy, dual overhead-cam engine was heavily reliant on Honda’s VTEC variable valve timing technology that facilitated a screaming 9 000rpm redline. Those numbers equated to the highest specific output in terms of power per litre of displacement of any production engine in the world at the time with 120 horsepower per litre. This allowed the S2000 to sprint from 0-100km/h in just 6,2 seconds on its way to a top speed of 240km/h.

The specially developed six-speed transmission included close-ratio gears, a short and direct feeling linkage and a lightweight flywheel which also contributed to its free revving nature. A Torsen limited-slip differential was standard fitment.

The Honda S2000: A Game Changer in Driving Pleasure

To overcome the traditional shortcomings of open top sports cars Honda developed a new generation True Open Sports Car concept. The most significant aspect was the dynamic characteristics of the S2000 chassis and together with bespoke suspension that included double-wishbone suspension all round and a monocoque body structure the result was sharp, predictable handling.

The distinctly sporty Honda S2000 features a distinguishing arrow like nose with its sweeping headlamp covers. The design of the rear bumper portrays a powerful presence from behind as its lower edge reaches down to the twin chromed and oval-shaped exhaust tailpipes.

Inside the S2000 is minimalist and everything is arranged with the driver in mind while leather seats give it a more premium feel than some of its competitors of the time. Ahead of the driver is a racing style digital instrument cluster that prioritises the rev counter as the main display.

Throughout its 10-year lifecycle the S2000 continued to evolve with additions such as variable gear ratio steering, a change of tyre size and increased displacement. The result was that in excess of 110 000 units found homes with enthusiasts during that time.

The Honda S2000 represented the purest expression of Honda fun-to-drive DNA with its two seat, open topped roadster configuration and sophisticated front-engine, rear-wheel-drive-platform. As a true sports car it could both serve as a practical and fun daily driver and was equally at home on the racetrack.

In recent years the Honda S2000 has become somewhat collectible, especially when it comes to nice, low mileage examples. This is due to a variety of factors including the unique, pure, driving experience and the vehicles uniqueness in the Honda stable then and still today as well as the fact that while a new model was teased the original S2000 was never replaced. 

Fortunately for enthusiasts looking for a no nonsense open top sports car that delivers driving pleasure, 20 years on, the Honda S2000 is still capable of ticking that box.

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