The innovative technologies in Honda’s latest models video-banner

The innovative technologies in Honda’s latest models

Honda have developed technologies that seamlessly integrate electric vehicles into society

The new Honda e:Ny1 is the brand’s second fully electric vehicle, combining a new design approach with exceptional interior quality and advanced technology to create a compelling modern family car. The e:Ny1 was developed around the concept of providing new values, new sensations and new experiences for both existing and new EV owners.

As part of the brand’s global electrification strategy, the e:N Architecture is a modular approach to electric vehicle design. The fundamental ideology is that the common modular components are supported by an appropriate, high-rigidity core body structure for highly dynamic performance. In the e:Ny1, the F designation of the architecture stands for front-motor, front-wheel drive and will underpin small to medium sized Honda EVs going forward.

For application on the F platform, the cleverly packaged three-in-one motor, which houses the power drive unit, electric motor and transmission, has a combined weight of just 77.4kg over the front axle. The high performance 150kW motor boasts exceptional 92% efficiency and up to 310Nm of torque, propelling the car from 0-100km/h in 7,6 seconds on its way to a maximum speed of 160km/h.

Charging status at a glance

Developed to offer a better charging experience, the e:Ny1 features a status indicator that makes it easier for drivers to check on charging progress from a distance. A full width black strip across the top of the charging port illuminates when in use, displaying an easy-to-understand charging status at a glance. In addition a horizontal strip under the bonnet line gently pulses from left to right when charging is in progress and once complete, the strip stays illuminated to indicate that the battery is fully charged.

Impressive battery performance

The compact 68.8kWh lithium-ion battery, located under the floor of the e:Ny1 provides a range of up to 412km, with its fast-charging capability allowing it to charge from 10% to 80% in approximately 45 minutes using a DC rapid charger and CCS connector. This method allows 100km of range to be added in just 11 minutes. While battery capacity is similar to its class leaders, Honda’s latest EV stands out from its competitors for its higher rate of charging consistency, while some competitors offer a greater maximum rate of charge, this level is rarely achieved due to fluctuations in charging rates at different stages of the battery charging cycle.

The e:Ny1 features a specifically developed recharging system that permits a sustained higher charge rate over its rivals, this linear, higher charge rate is maintained for well over half of the charge, with very little drop off towards full capacity.

This approach is beneficial to customers as it helps prevent premature battery deterioration and assists in maintaining range over the vehicle’s lifespan. Honda’s approach to this has been to create a healthy balance between user practicality and battery durability via sophisticated energy management and thermal control systems.

The e:Ny1’s chassis and powertrain have been engineered to deliver a fun and confidence inspiring driving experience that combines Honda’s spirit of performance and the benefits of electric propulsion. Key to this is the first European application of Honda’s e:N Architecture F high-performance platform.

Power to the people

In a pilot project with Next Kraftwerke GmBh, one of Europe’s largest Virtual Power Plant operators, Honda has become the first vehicle manufacturer in Europe to achieve certification of a fleet of mass produced EVs, for the prequalification of frequency containment reserve by Ampiron GmBH in Germany.

When reacting to short-term frequency deviations in the power grid, service operators rely on balancing services that automatically intervene to restore the balance between supply and demand. Of these balancing services, FCR is the highest performance class for grid stabilisation and is also referred to as primary control reserve as it is the first response to frequency disturbances.

The pilot used Honda e EVs which qualified for support of grid stability through instant provision of FCR to the Transmission System Operator (TSO). A fleet of six Honda e’s and 6 Honda Power Manager bi-directional CCS chargers were used during the trial, in which Honda was able to fulfil the requirements for charging and discharging, necessary to ensure stable 50Hz grid frequency.

This development is a vital step in advancing the role of EVs and bi-directional charging technology in any future sustainable energy system. Maintaining a consistent grid stability, will become one of the major challenges for TSOs alongside the further expansion of renewable energy sources.

The project enables Honda to meet new demands for the European market and deliver on its commitment to develop technologies that are creating value for society. Typically EVs are parked and connected to a charging station for most of the day, at offices and on driveways and Honda has identified that these standing times can be better utilised to offer additional services and revenues, through smart charging and discharging based on the current power grid frequency. This not only benefits EV owners, but also the surrounding infrastructure as the world moves into a e-mobility-driven society.

Honda Power Manager is a bidirectional system that connects EVs to a smart power grid, enabling the collection and distribution of electricity between the two. This allows for the intelligent balancing of the supply and demand of energy, including the better use of renewable sources, regulating power to stabilise the grid during periods of high demand and minimising bottlenecks in the distribution of energy, while reducing the need for expensive grid expansions as the demand for EV charging increases.

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Honda have developed a variety of innovative technologies around electric vehicles

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